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Towers & Totems - 9:30AM

From the financial towers of Downtown Vancouver, to the towering cedar trees in Stanley Park, this tour offers a glimpse of Vancouver’s modern architecture, green-city planning and a ride around one of the world’s finest urban parks. Learn about the Coast Salish natives at the totem display, take panoramic photos of the Vancouver skyline and step inside a temperate rainforest - This is an excellent introduction to the city, suitable for all riders. 


Length: 3 Hours

Distance: 18 Km

Elevation Gain: Minimal 

Difficulty: Basic

West End

Robson Square

Convention Centre

Stanley Park

Rainbow Crosswalks

Totem Poles

Rainforest Trail

Seawall Path

Hornby Bike Lane-min
Robson Square-min
Convention Centre (Seawall)-min
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Family Skyline
Lions Gate Bridge-min
Beaver Creek-min
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Dragons & Steam - 2:00PM 

Pedal back in time with this historic tour of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods. Ride under the dragon lamps in Chinatown to the Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens. Hear the tale of ‘Gassy Jack’ and marvel at the machinery of the Gastown steamclock. Stroll the markets of Granville Island to discover local and imported treasures. With stops at Yaletown Roundhouse and the Olympic Athlete Village, this tour has all the pieces for constructing a complete view of

Van City.   


Length: 3 Hours

Distance: 18 Km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Difficulty: Moderate




Granville Island


Chinese Gardens

Biennale Art

Public Market

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Science World-min
Sea Village-min
Chinatown Millenium Gate.JPG-min
Gastown (Flatiron).JPG-min
Steamclock (21018).JPG-min
Woodwards Site-min

  Private Art Tours  

Murals Off Main

Ride to the heart of Vancouver’s art scene, Mt. Pleasant, and view the bold colours of Vancouver’s dynamic Mural Festival. Learn about the local graffiti movement and how it compares and contrasts with commissioned street art. Witness an urban tapestry on par with Vancouver’s natural beauty.

Come explore one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in the city with Vancouver Bike Tours.


Length: 3-4 Hours

Distance: 21 Km

Elevation Gain: 30m (100 ft)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Mt. Pleasant

Main St.

Dude Chilling Park

False Creek Flats

Murals (2016-17)

Wrck(less) Wheatpaste

iHeart Stencils

Cartems Donuts

*This tour is available for private bookings starting on April 1st

**Please use our contact form to book this tour or any of our private tour options

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We Are All Croutons-min
Stellar Jay (Victor).JPG-min
Destroy All Machines.JPG-min
Polar Coke (Nevercrew).JPG-min
Artists - Allison Woodward and Graeme Mc