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Two-Wheeled Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Planning a bachelor or bachelorette weekend to Vancouver? Need a daytime activity to compliment the evening festivities? We have the perfect activity: A Vancouver Bike Tour!

We have organized a number of bachelor/bachelorette parties over the last five years, from a simple ride around Stanley Park, to a full-day tour with food stops, shopping and trail rides. We try to groom our stories and stops around the interests of the group for a private tour. But, while planning is important, spontaneity is key as well, so we make sure to let the laughs direct the agenda.

One of the standouts over the years was a bachelorette party that we helped plan during the summer of 2017. The participants were from a variety of cities across the United States, with the bride-to-be hailing from Los Angles. Before the young ladies arrived, we decorated the brides bike and helmet. The girls were over-the-moon with the personal touches we applied to the tour. We can’t really tell you too much more without releasing incriminating evidence, but lets just say it was a blast!

Here is a post-ride photo with the lovely ladies and the decorated bike:

For a full review from the Maid of Honour, check out this link to her Yelp review.

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