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Top 5 Reasons to Book a Private Family Bike Tour

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Whether you are coming off a cruise from Alaska, in town for a wedding or looking to explore the beautiful west coast, Vancouver Bike Tours has the perfect bike tour for you and your little ones.

Here are the top five reasons to book your private family bicycle tour with Vancouver Bike Tours:

5. Appropriate Bicycles

Vancouver Bike Tours works exclusively with English Bay Bike Rentals, the #1 bicycle rental shop in Vancouver. English Bay has a wide range of junior mountain bikes for new riders, trail-a-bikes for younger riders and chariots for toddlers. For teens we have our Specialized Sirrus and Crosstrail bikes in sizes ranging from XS 14” to XL 23”. We even have dog trailers for your four-legged family members. This means everyone can join us for a super fun introduction to Vancouver.

The staff at English Bay Bike Rentals will take time to find the perfect bicycle for every member of the family.

4. Safety First

Our “Towers and Totems” route is perfect for young adolescent riders. 95% of this tour is on separated bike paths for maximum safety. For beginner riders, our private family tours head straight to Stanley Park for a ride that utilizes only the park paths and the Vancouver seawall. All riders are given helmets and a quick safety and skills introduction at the start of each ride.

3. Family Flexibility

Private tours offer flexibility to adapt on-the-fly. If your children want to stop at a playground along the route…no problem. If the legs are getting tired and the kids need a break at the waterpark…we can do a quick run through the sprinklers. If on the day your children want to cut out the city portion…we can pivot and include more trail riding.

2. Educational Takeaways

We focus on the children first and provide information that adults and kids will engage with. Young riders will learn about Vancouver’s historical past, environmental future and our First Nations art and culture. The forest section at Beaver Creek will give them knowledge nuggets that they can take back to school to impress their teachers and peers. Travel should be educational and a bike tour is no exception.

1. Fun For All

Along with the lessons comes a ton of laughs and memories. We guarantee fun times for every member of your troupe.

If you are planning a family trip to Vancouver, a bike tour is an excellent introductory excursion.

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