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The Colours of Vancouver go Beyond Blue, Green and White

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Vancouver is no longer a city defined solely by the colours of its setting.

For two years, the Vancouver Mural Festival has been adding to the traditional Vancouver palette by bringing local and foreign artists together for a festival with lasting impressions. The alleyways and walls of Mt. Pleasant, False Creek Flats and Strathcona are being painted with a wash of colour that compliment the city’s natural beauty and add a visual vibrancy to East Vancouver.

Tidal Recall by Nomadic Alternatives
Nomadic Alternatives

VMF has added over 80 murals to the streets of East Van by connecting property owners and artists. Grey walls are now adorned with massive murals that celebrate the local art scene.

These murals explore themes from indigenous culture, to transportation, to west coast life and community.

The artists are comprised of working professionals in a variety of artistic mediums from tattooing, to animation, to graphic design, to sign painting. For many, it is their first crack at working outside - a giant leap into the world of public art.

Johnny Christmas Mural

Styles range from illustrative realism, to low-poly, to anamorphic perspective and graffiti.

This summer, Vancouver Bike Tours is offering two weekly rides to showcase the public art in Vancouver. Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, tourists and locals are being treated to an education in colour, as they take a guided ride around East Vancouver for an interpretive tour of the selected mural submissions.

To join a tour and view the VMF murals firsthand, visit our tour booking page.

This year’s mural festival will run from August 6th to 11th, with over 30 new murals being added to the streets of Vancouver. Vancouver Bike Tours will be running the mural tour every afternoon during the festival run.

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